It has been some time since I created this site as an attempt to get back into creating websites and relearning SEO. In the time since, I’ve come some way, and am now ready to share some of my current and past projects.

Current Projects

Carstens Dyrehandel – Pet supply store that my sister bought in 2021. Been doing some on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO. Before I came on, the website had a few first-page rankings, but nothing that made a huge difference for the bottom line. The site is a work in progress and changes are made almost daily.

Reberbansgade – Had an idea of making a small information site for the street where Carstens Dyrehandel is located. It is a long narrow street with a lot of different kinds of stores and takeaway spots.

Super Rabat – Found a dropped domain name and had the idea of making a coupon site. Still, a work in progress, as one says.

Freakshop – Expired domain that belonged to an online store that sold travel gear. Remaking the site as an affiliate shop.

Past Projects

Aalborg Drive – Was asked to do some “pro bono” work for a small driving academy. In doing so I did some quick optimization of the website and a very tiny bit of off-page SEO. The owner asked me to do some paid work but I didn’t have the time.

Steppers – Cousin asked if I wanted to help him out in getting more customers for his small mobile disco business. Did some minor on-page SEO as well as creating a few quick links to the site.

Wanna work with me? Drop me a message.