Peter Olesen aka. ret3p

Hello there, dear visitor. Are you looking to get more information about what I use to stream to Twitch or edit YouTube videos? Or just want to know who I am? You’ve come to the right place!

As you might already know. My online name is ret3p and I am an affiliated live streamer on Twitch, sometimes I also make video content for YouTube.

My real name is Peter Olesen and I am in fact a real person that lives in the European country of Denmark. I decided to make this small website, as a kind of collection of information for people who wanna know more about me and what goes on “behind the scenes”.

Another reason I bought the domain name and created this website is. In my younger days, I used to do SEO and link building for a bunch of affiliate marketing websites I owned and operated, I’ve been wanting to get back into doing that, so here we are.

Now, if you wanna learn more about who I am and what I do, you can read a bunch more about me by clicking on “About” in the menu.

You can also find me here:

Do you want to get in contact with me? You can do so using the contact form here on the site or maybe on one of the many platforms I’m on. You can also join my Discord server. There you can pretty much always find me online. For the contact page, click here: Contact

Here to figure out about the equipment, peripherals and so on I use for streaming or creating videos. You will find all of that on the Setup page.

Picture of Peter Olesen that also goes by the online name of "ret3p"